Доклад Итальянского института политических, экономических и социальных исследований

2017-04-17 / События

Report “Internationalization processes in the Mediterranean. The role of the BRICS in the economic and social changes” that was delivered last 13 April 2017 to the Analysis and Planning Unit – UAP of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Report is sponsored by the Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue - RIDE.



The Report has the objective of providing elements for the evaluation and reflection on the profound transformations taking place in the Mediterranean area and the increasingly active and incisive leadership of the member states of the BRICS coordination in this context; therefore to give knowledge elements to the Italian public and private players  to strengthen their collaborative efforts at international and European level.

The Report is divided into three parts:
a) assessment of the key features of the BRICS states strategies;
b) analysis of the BRICS major agreements and initiatives especially with African states on the southern side of the Mediterranean;
c) documentation of the two preparatory conferences held July 15, 2016 in collaboration with the Indian Embassy in Rome, and December 14, 2016 with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Essential references of the Report are the reflections carried out by experts of the Eurispes BRICS-Laboratory, the contributions and documentation received by specialized Italian agencies, by the Embassies of the BRICS states accredited in Italy and, from abroad, by the BRICS Observatories and Think Tanks.

In this regard, a special thanks to prof. Georgy Toloraya (BRICS Observatory-Russia) who was with us in Rome to illustrate directly to the Italians experts the evolution process of BRICS coordination (conference at the diplomatic institute SIOI, January 9 2017).

EURISPES plans to organize a series of abstract in English.