2020-03-31 / События

Dear friends and colleagues,

In accordance with the Order of the President of Russia aimed at providing sanitary and epidemiological safety of the population on the territory of the Russian Federation “On Announcement of a Paid Leave in the Russian Federation”, the National Committee on BRICS Research continues to stay in touch and put intellectual efforts into promotion of priorities of the Russian BRICS Chairmanship. 

The phone number of the Committee, provided in the list of contacts, will not be in operation.

Your questions can be forwarded to info@nkibrics.ru.

Please stay safe and take all safety measures introduced in your countries and regions seriously.

We believe that we can slow down the rate of the spread of the virus and stabilize the situation. There are new international projects and joint work awaiting us in the future. We suggest making it happen sooner without leaving our homes. Take care!

Best wishes,
Team of the National Committee on BRICS Research