The HSRC BRICS Seminar Series

2015-01-27 / Анонсы

The HSRC BRICS Seminar Series

27 января Онлайн-конференция в рамках серии семинаров по БРИКС на тему: «Educational engagement: China, Africa and South Africa»

Speaker: Dr Ke Yu, Democracy Governance and Service Delivery, Human Sciences Research Council

Venue: Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town

Date: 27 January 2015

Time: 12H15 for 12h30 – 13H30   

Traditional literature on Sino-Africa engagement tends to apply a pan-African and a China-centric lens. This is particularly problematic in discussing the Sino-South Africa relationship because of the great difference between South Africa and many other African countries and the fact that China is only one foreign player in the continent. This presentation draws upon the chapter Dr. Ke Yu wrote in Perspectives on South Africa-China Relations (published by AISA) and focus on the educational engagement. In addition to  pan-African and China-centric lens, it also applies South Africa specific and Africa-centric lens to offer a more comprehensive and realistic examination of the Sino-South African engagement on education.

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