Abhazia eager to take part in BRICS events

2024-02-08 / Новости

SUKHUM, February 2. Abkhazia is interested in taking part in various BRICS activities during Russia’s Chairmanship of the group, Foreign Minister Inal Ardzinba said at a virtual meeting with Victoria Panova, head of the BRICS Expert Council.

The meeting was also attended by Abkhazia’s Sports Minister Tarasch Khagba.

"Russia took over chairmanship of BRICS on January 1 and this will last until December 31, 2024. Within the framework of the Chairmanship, a total of over 200 events of different levels and themes are scheduled to be held in many Russian cities. In particular, meetings of business communities, civil and academic forums, a youth forum, a forum of young diplomats as well as BRICS sports competition are planned as part of the events. The Republic of Abkhazia shows an interest in our representatives’ participation in these formats within the framework of Russia’s BRICS Chairmanship," Ardzinba said, signaling a willingness to work together.

The top diplomat said that the motto of Russia’s presidency of BRICS in 2024 is to strengthen multilateralism for fair global development and security. Ardzinba was confident that "Abkhazia’s participation would validate the approach to multilateralism and justice in international relations."

Meanwhile, Khagba thanked the Russian leadership for organizing major sporting events and giving Abkhazia the chance to take part in them.

"At a recent meeting with the Russian sports minister, we talked about cooperation between our ministries, about the development of sport in Abkhazia. And most importantly, the participation of our national team in a large-scale, in our opinion, sports competition - BRICS Games - was resolved," the sports minister said, adding that Abkhazian athletes would compete in 15 disciplines.

Origin: https://tass.com/world/1741239